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Property Owner Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some common questions about property rentals and RE/MAX® Central Realty professional property management. For more detailed information, please contact us.

Marketing your property

Do you offer professional yard sign?

Yes, the RE/MAX® balloon is the most recognized real estate logo in the country. Tenants contact us with the same confidence you do, knowing they are dealing with professional agents and a reputable company.

What areas do you serve?

See Areas We Serve on our website.

Do you show properties seven days a week?

Yes, we help keep your vacancy rates as low as possible by making ourselves available 7 days a week to show your property.

What kind of rental properties do you manage?

Single family homes, condos, duplexes, and other multi-family residences.

Are all of your showings accompanied?


Do you supply vacancy list to other realtors and independent leasing agents?

Yes, we place all properties in the Realtors Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so they are viewable, and available to show, by all Realtors.

Legal & Accounting

Do you offer monthly detail account and year end statements?

Yes, monthly statements are generated each month, and an annual statement is prepared at the end of the year to help you in preparing your yearend accounting and tax returns.

Are you Compliant with all federal, state and local fair housing laws?

Yes, through educational updates and monitoring, we abide by all Fair Housing requirements.

Do you have an attorney prepared Lease?

Yes, your leases are prepared by one of the largest legal firms in the state who specifically specialize in property management, landlord, and tenant issues.

Are your services tax deductible?

Yes, two of the benefits of hiring us is that:

  1. We don’t get paid until we collect your rent.
  2. all of the services we perform for you are tax deductable.
Do you offer full background checks including: criminal, eviction, court records, credit report, residency and employment?

Yes, thorough screening of potential tenants is one of the most important yet overlooked services that we provide. It is easy to place a tenant, but it takes a well performed screening to place a quality tenant.

Are tenants required to have Renters insurance?

You can specify that tenants must obtain renters insurance, and we will monitor that requirement on your behalf.

How do we determine the proper rent amount?

We will perform a rental analysis for you to help determine the best return on your investment.

How do I determine the deposit amount?

The security deposit is typically equal to one month’s rent. There are other considerations such as credit or background information or pets that may cause an increase in the security deposit.

Who decides the proper pet deposit?

As your property manager, we provide this service for you.

Who decides if a claim needs to be made against tenant’s deposit?

As your property manager, we inspect the property and make those determinations.

How do I control maintenance costs?

Every property, no matter how old, requires maintenance. Seeing that issues are dealt with in a timely manner go a long way to help you minimize larger maintenance issues.

Property Listing

What happens if I decide to sell the property?

If you are considering the sale of your property, please notify us so we can help determine what options are available to you with regards to the sale, and any leases that may be in effect.

Are calls returned in a timely manner?

Timely communication is key to all aspects of our business. We believe in responding promptly to all inquiries in a timely and professional manner.

Do I need to meet the tenants?

No, you hire us to deal directly with the tenants.


How can I ensure my property is cared for?

Performing a thorough tenant screening is the first step. From there, our experience and tenant communication help us minimize concerns in that area.

How are tenant concerns and maintenance request handled?

Most calls are dealt with in the same business day with follow up, repairs, or inspections scheduled within 24 hrs. Emergency calls are handled 24-7 by on call staff.

How do you handle late payments and NSF?

Good communication and timely follow up with tenants has been a strong preemptive and effective course of action. When that fails, we promptly move forward with the proper notices and inform owners when needed.

Do you provide videotaped or digital photos at inspections?

Yes, this helps to minimize potential dispute opportunities.

Do you handle HOA and/or condo violations?

Yes, we register with your HOA or Condo Association as your property manager and we follow up with all tenant issues.

How often do you inspect the interior and exterior of the property?

All properties are inspected semi-annually or more often if we deem it necessary.

Where do tenants pay rent?

Tenants are provided with multiple options for paying their rent. IE: at our office during normal business hours, via drop box after hours, or by ACH (Direct Withdrawal).

What is the process if tenant wants to make alterations?

Tenants must submit a written request and receive written approval from us prior to making any alterations to the property.

How are maintenance concerns handled?

Tenants are responsible for any repair up to $75. Above that, your management agreement specifies that we are authorized to handle any needs up to a certain limit, typically $300, sometimes more depending on the property. We assure that all work is performed by licensed and insured vendors.

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